Image of Rebecca Lowe with patient

What is Dermo-MyofascialTherapy (DMFT)?

It is physical therapy for the dermo-myofascial system using manual therapy and dry needling.

What is the dermo-myofascial system?

The dermo-myofascial system is the skin (dermis) and the underlying muscles and fascia.

What kind of clients benefit from DMFT?

Anyone wanting to improve their skin health, including those with some types of scars and some issues of aging skin.  The therapist will evaluate you on your first visit to assess whether your skin issue may benefit from DermoKinetic Therapy.

Does DMFT work for everyone?

Nothing works for everyone, which is why there cannot be any guarantees for improvement, but Manual Therapy of Nashville does offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

How can I make an appointment?

These services will be available for online scheduling beginning in the spring. Click on Dermo-myofascial Therapy.

Does insurance pay for this service?


I am a physical therapist, how can I be trained in this service?

Go to or contact heather @ to get a list of scheduled courses, or to schedule a course in your area.