OMPT Tools

Thanks, Rebecca, for designing such a great tool and in lessening the amount of strain on my body.

Michele Baier-Lambert. Nashville, TN Massage & Bodywork. November 9, 2015

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OMPT Tools

These tools were designed by Rebecca Lowe to complement the manual therapy work that she does with her clients. She found that she could help people get better faster, and stay better, if she taught them how to treat themselves at home, very specifically, using these tools.

Although, the “well” population may be able to use these tools first without being seen by an Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist (OMPT), most people should plan on being seen by an OMPT first to be able to know how to use the tools to the greatest safety and benefit.

The Talea’ is in a different category of OMPT tools because it is primarily a tool for advanced body workers to use on their clients.

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