Insurance/Billing Info

Payment is expected at the time of service. If the patient would like to pursue reimbursement by their insurance company, paperwork can be requested for this purpose.

Each insurance policy is different. If you plan to file insurance, make inquiry prior to your first visit on coverage for out-of-network providers. Also, most insurance companies will want a referral. In Tennessee, the referral for physical therapy can be from a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist, or chiropractor. Let your therapist know if you plan to file and how often, so you will be given the appropriate paperwork.

It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their own insurance policy for out-of-network providers, deductibles, coverage, and filing processes.

Manual Therapy of Nashville is not a Medicare Provider. If you are receiving Medicare benefits you are not able to pursue treatment at Manual Therapy of Nashville, unless:

  1. You are requesting services that are not currently covered by Medicare, such as trigger point dry needling or dermo-myofascial therapy OR,
  2. You require maintenance services or have already reached your full benefit for physical therapy for the year.