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The Patient/ PT Team #5 Yoga and OMPT

by Rebecca Lowe August 24, 2015

Meet Mary Irby, White Crow Yoga Mary is an amazing team member.  It has been such a pleasure to work with her and I have learned from her.  She has introduced me to the different types of yoga, which I am now a bit obsessed with.  I had only a vague idea of the wealth […]

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The Story of 2 PTs: Choosing Business or Passion?

by Rebecca Lowe August 17, 2015

Part 1.       Paths diverge… Paths converge In the beginning, there were 2 PTs.  Billy and Rebecca.  They were 3 and 4 years out of PT school.  Rebecca had been exposed to NAIOMT and OMPT (Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy) within 6 months of graduating from PT school and had spent the previous 3 ½ years […]

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The Patient/ PT Team #4

by Rebecca Lowe August 13, 2015

Zander and I as a team, are a great example of how the patient/ PT team can work together.  Most of my patients are actually great examples. But, in this example with Zander, I want to highlight 3 very important things that happened that could have resulted in a very different story had it not […]

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The PT Patient/ PT Team #3

by Rebecca Lowe August 11, 2015

Leah Sawyer and I are a great team!  I am going to let her tell most of her story, but I can say that for me this has been one of the most enjoyable teams I have been on.  For some reason, we as PTs can be difficult patients.  Is it because we think we […]

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The Patient/ PT Team #2

by Rebecca Lowe August 3, 2015

I have to brag about a patient.  He came to me a few months ago with neck and shoulder pain.  His neck pain cleared up fairly quickly and he has learned AND PERFORMS the techniques that help keep his spine moving and feeling better.  That is something to be proud of.  How many of us […]

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The Patient/ PT Team #1

by Rebecca Lowe May 5, 2014

Interview with Rebecca Lowe PT and Rob Allison, client/patient. The patient/PT team:  I believe that I am just a part of a patient’s team.  I bring some strengths/skills to the team, but so do they.  Each person has, at the minimum, their own experience that they bring to the assessment and treatments.  But each person […]

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A Journey Together

by Rebecca Lowe February 5, 2014

We are “Better Together.” Our journey of “better together” begins with a story.  I have been an Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist for 20+ years.  I have been focused on learning the specialty of orthopaedic manual physical therapy (OMPT) to help my patients become better, less pain, more function.  This has gotten me very far in […]

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