The Story of 2 PTs: Choosing Business or Passion?

By Rebecca Lowe August 17, 2015

Rebecca and Billy 1998

Part 1.       Paths diverge… Paths converge

In the beginning, there were 2 PTs.  Billy and Rebecca.  They were 3 and 4 years out of PT school.  Rebecca had been exposed to NAIOMT and OMPT (Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy) within 6 months of graduating from PT school and had spent the previous 3 ½ years taking classes, studying, taking exams, practicing with other PTs, and giving in-services about what she learned.  She was passionate about it and spent a lot of her own time and money pursuing this passion.

When Billy and Rebecca started working together, Billy decided to start down the same OMPT path.  He loved it too.  He spent his time and money pursuing OMPT.  They practiced together, encouraged each other, and got patients better together.

Paths Diverge…

But, times change, Rebecca moved away and Billy decided to take the management path with PT clinics and had less and less time to study his passion.  He stopped just before OMPT certification.  He let it go.  But, he had the lifestyle that he wanted.  He traveled, he followed other passions and dreams, like marathons and climbing high mountains and a family.  And he learned the business side of PT.  He understands how to keep a clinic profitable.

Almost directly after advanced level OMPT certification, Rebecca started a family, and then began working part-time for herself so she could have the hours she wanted to raise her family.  It didn’t bring in much money, but she was satisfied.  She was able to treat patients one-on-one for an hour.  She knew she was giving each patient everything she could.  But, she didn’t know much about business.

Fast forward 18 years.  Rebecca has been a PT for 22 years – she finished her OMPT fellowship training, she is now teacher-in-training to be core faculty of NAIOMT, she has published two articles, has started teaching locally, and is mentoring PTs in OMPT.  Billy has been a PT for 21 years.  He is a successful manager for a chain of clinics.

They have remained friends.  The paths diverged.  Who has made the right choice?  Who is more “successful?”  Who is more “satisfied?”  However, before you answer, THIS is not the end of the story.  These two are in mid-career.  And what is VERY interesting is that their paths are converging again.

The paths converge…

Rebecca is learning business and how to manage a solo boutique OMPT practice.  She is learning how to bring the skills that she focused on for 20 years to more people.  She’s going to be an awesome business owner.  And Billy?  He is returning to his OMPT passion.  He is ready to engage with peers in a stimulating environment that will last the rest of his career.  He is going to be an amazing OMPT.

The paths diverged…  the paths converge.

Life takes us in many directions, we make our choices.  But, it is never too late to learn whatever you need to learn.  AND, it is never too late to follow your passion.

Start or continue your passion in OMPT.

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