The Patient/ PT Team #5 Yoga and OMPT

By Rebecca Lowe August 24, 2015

Easy Seated Pose 2

Meet Mary Irby, White Crow Yoga

Mary is an amazing team member.  It has been such a pleasure to work with her and I have learned from her.  She has introduced me to the different types of yoga, which I am now a bit obsessed with.  I had only a vague idea of the wealth of knowledge in this ancient art and practice.  Now I see all of the reasons that Yoga and OMPT complement one another.

Here are just a few of the reasons to highlight Mary as a team mate.

1.  She is very connected to her body.  She listens to what it is telling her.

There are many people who have just never stopped long enough to listen, have never been taught, or have been taught to ignore their body’s messages.

2.  Mary is also very good at breathing because of her yoga training.  She is a yoga teacher-trainer and has had many years practicing herself.  She did not even need me to teach her how to breathe, and she has caught me holding my breath at times.

Camel Variation smaller

3.  She is very aware of healthy posture – which is more about axial lengthening (actively lengthening your spine from the top and grounding through the feet).

4.  She really takes care of her body, by practicing yoga daily and doing the homework that I give her for her therapy sessions.  She got better very fast.  She is investing in herself by doing this.  She will be able to continue.


What would you like to share about your experience with Rebecca Lowe at Manual Therapy of Nashville?

Rebecca is a truly gifted, compassionate therapist!  I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca at an Anatomy Trains workshop, and I was impressed with her knowledge and humble attitude. I quickly became a patient, recognizing that there are times we all need hands-on work (moving muscles and bones), which Rebecca does extremely well.  I can’t describe how great my body feels after a Manual Therapy session.  It’s the perfect complement to my yoga practice.

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And, how would you describe the benefit that OMPT has added to your yoga practice?

Rebecca’s Manual Therapy techniques open my body in a way that allows a more comfortable, deeper yoga practice.  In addition to physical benefits, Rebecca’s care comes through energetically, which also carries over to my yoga practice. All of us, no matter what our level of practice, encounter nagging issues that we can’t seem to get past on our own. That’s where Rebecca’s skill can make a true difference.




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