Anatomy and Clinical Experience for PT Students – Spotlight on Drs Charles and Lawrence

By Rebecca Lowe July 28, 2015
TSU’s Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Charles

Last month I was invited by Derek Charles to come join he and Kevin Lawrence for one of Tennessee State University’s anatomy labs for first year PT students.  And here are some observations that made me think of how combinations of different things are better together:

Firstly, Drs. Charles and Lawrence are a good pair.  Together they have created a healthy learning environment for their students.  I noticed that the students were encouraged to ask questions and that if they did not know the answers right away; they were able to continue to search for the answer themselves without shame.  Learning is emphasized.

Derek Charles, PT, DPT, PhD(c)
Derek Charles, PT, DPT, PhD(c)

Secondly, I was impressed that as Dr. Charles talked through and explained the anatomy to the students that he also shared clinical tests and knowledge with them.  This is amazing!  I did not know any PT anatomy professors did this.  What great exposure for those students.  And a great example of how combining clinical experience with basic science can be so beneficial.

Thirdly, I interjected a differing perspective on something that Dr. Lawrence said to the students and he actually got excited!  These students are so fortunate to be in this environment.  Some teachers have to be “right” about everything they say.  Dr. Lawrence wants to be challenged in what he believes BECAUSE he knows that people learn more when different perspectives and experiences are presented.

This is the same reason I chose NAIOMT as my OMPT training.  There is not just one person at the top of the teaching organization, so there is an environment with differing perspectives and everyone is challenged.

It was such a terrific experience to hang out with anatomy professors and students for the afternoon.  I am glad to know that there are academians and clinicians that are all pursuing learning even alongside their students.  I have this same attitude in my clinic with my patients and students.

The best for our profession means being comfortable with more than one subject and more than one perspective.  We are better together!

Kevin Lawrence, PT, DPT
Kevin Lawrence, PT, DPT


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