NAIOMT and CEO Brett Windsor – Better Together

By Rebecca Lowe May 7, 2014

Brett Windsor, NAIOMT CEO     NAIOMT courses, certification, and fellowship required me to think as nothing I’d experienced before.  It was more than just memorizing and protocols and cookie-cutter techniques.  Learning basic anatomy and biomechanics was the beginning, but then higher reasoning was demanded to think through applications of the techniques particularly in advanced cases.  Because NAIOMT has multiple senior faculty, you cannot simply learn one person’s pet techniques and processing.  Instead, you learn to reason through a scenario where you can convince any of the faculty in an exam that you are safe and effective with your reasoning and treatment.  The eclectic nature of the faculty and organization is definitely a reason that I came and I stayed.  Multiple senior faculty are better together.


     I have had the privilege to know NAIOMT’s CEO Brett Windsor for a year.   The organization is fortunate because of his leadership and his view that all of the faculty and class, residence, and fellowship participants make NAIOMT what it is.  One thing I noticed right away about his leadership style is that he is not a self-promoter.  Rather, he discovers and helps develop the talents of those in the organization.  The vision that I’ve seen from him is to promote OMPT, encourage mentorship relationships, promote high-level clinical reasoning, and provide an atmosphere for innovation based on foundations in science.  You can follow his brain on the NAIOMT Blog.


     Together NAIOMT and Brett are a fantastic combination.  There are an amazing number of critical thinkers, clinicians, educators, researchers, and innovators.  Each of the faculty (and the students) bring different strengths and experience.  NAIOMT’s core OMPT program specializes in clinical reasoning and critical thinking.  Brett is developing advanced OMPT through focusing on NAIOMT faculty and each of their specialties and strengths.   




Here is a list of some of the faculty of NAIOMT, past and present:


David Lamb, Cliff Fowler, Jim Meadows, Erl Pettman, Gail Molloy, Ann Porter-Hoke, Diane Lee, Bill O’Grady, Fred Stoot, Kathy Stupanksy, Laurie McLaughlin, Brett Windsor, Kent Keyser, Kathy Berglund, Michele Roy, David Deppler, Bill Temes, Ken Cole, Mark Looper, Bryant Miller, Stacy Soapmann, Terry Pratt, Scott Gallant, Chris Hoekstra, and Micheal Lucido.


Add the expertise of these to that of the Clinical Fellowship Instructors and those that are in the process of fellowship training and be overwhelmed.


You can see their biographies at,

as well as some video clips of instructors’ techniques here:  NAIOMT Youtube Videos

My favorite day full of clinical pearls is NAIOMT’s Day of Innovation which is coming up on June 7th, 2014 in Seattle, WA.  At least 16 NAIOMT faculty will present 15 minutes of their latest clinical and/or research innovations.  It is open to all.   Come introduce yourself. 


For details and hotel information:     Day of Innovation



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