Monthly Archives: May 2014

NAIOMT and CEO Brett Windsor – Better Together

by Rebecca Lowe May 7, 2014

     NAIOMT courses, certification, and fellowship required me to think as nothing I’d experienced before.  It was more than just memorizing and protocols and cookie-cutter techniques.  Learning basic anatomy and biomechanics was the beginning, but then higher reasoning was demanded to think through applications of the techniques particularly in advanced cases.  Because NAIOMT has multiple […]

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The Patient/ PT Team #1

by Rebecca Lowe May 5, 2014

Interview with Rebecca Lowe PT and Rob Allison, client/patient. The patient/PT team:  I believe that I am just a part of a patient’s team.  I bring some strengths/skills to the team, but so do they.  Each person has, at the minimum, their own experience that they bring to the assessment and treatments.  But each person […]

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