Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spotlight – Bradley Grohovsky – OMPT, APTA, Pro Bono PT

by Rebecca Lowe March 27, 2014

  Spotlight is on Bradley Grohovsky, Annapolis PT.  One of the reasons to continue to have high hopes for the future of PT/OMPT. I interviewed him for this blog: Can you give a description about yourself and your current projects? Currently, my beautiful wife and I live in Annapolis, MD and we keep our schedule […]

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Spotlight – Jeff Coffin, 3X Grammy Winner

by Rebecca Lowe March 19, 2014

Spotlight is on the amazing Jeff Coffin.  He is a 3x Grammy winning saxophonist, composer and educator.  “Being surrounded by a community of creative people is where I am and where I want to stay.” I feel that having a strong and connected community of musicians is essential to having a healthy music scene. Nashville […]

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